Preschool Matters

Black students who attend preschool are more likely to be ready for school learning, score higher on standardized tests in 3rd and 4th grade and more likely to graduate high school.  Preschool matters.

Research supports that about 60% of Black students do not attend quality preschool programs. Many students are in lower quality educational settings or in family/home settings for preschool.  This lack of early learning impacts a child’s ability to compete later on in school.

Cost of Preschool

Preschool costs are on the rise.  The average cost of preschool can be anywhere from $372 – $1100 a month for family.  The high cost of preschool can be out of reach for many Black parents.  Schools are offering full day preschool at higher rates but many families still are not able to access them due to limited seats or work schedules of parents.

Preschool at home

Parents can help their child by learning key preschool skills at home even if they are not a trained educator.  Watch this video for tips and strategies on preschool resources.

Parents as Preschool Teachers

Although many of us do not feel qualified to be a teacher, we can all help our children gain preschool and school ready skills.  Fun and easy activities can help any child learn the necessary skills to succeed in preschool.

Parents can use resources like the public library to get early reading books and participate in early learning activities that are free. Most libraries offer preschool age reading time and fun activities related to reading. 

Parents can use the internet to find resources for early learning. has great printouts that a parent can print at home to review letters, shapes, colors, numbers and all things your child needs to be prepared for preschool.

Parents can go to the nearest dollar store to pick up educational resources to help. Books, coloring books on shapes, and even counting books can be found for only $1.  There is no reason a parent has to not be able to access either free or low-cost resources to help their child prepare for preschool.  They key is do something.

10 minutes a day

One concern many parents have is time. They are busy working, trying to manage their families while keeping a roof over their heads.  Ten minutes a day is all it takes to help a child prepare for preschool.  Example of a ten minute routine:

  1. Reading- Read a story about apples. Ask your child to tell you what the story was about and use who, what, where, when, why and how questions to help your child with learning.
  2. Writing- Trace the letter A. Print out two pages of letters and shapes.  Have your child color the pages.
  3. Science- Cut an apple for snack.  This will help to bring the lesson to life and allow for a quick science lesson on apple seeds and how apple trees grow.
  4. Math- Count the apple slices.  Practice simple addition by adding up the slices to make a whole.

It may not be the ideal situation for your child to complete preschool at home but at least as a parent you are exposing them to opportunities to learn and giving them an opportunity to succeed.  Parents we have to do our part to help our children achieve Black Genius!

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Dr. Stacy

Published by drstacyhayneslpc

Dr. Stacy Haynes, Ed.D LPC, ACS is a counseling psychologist who specializes in the needs of children, families and parenting concerns. Dr. Haynes has over 20 years experience in the treatment of everyday challenging family concerns. She believes in making a difference one person at a time. Little Hands Family Services, LLC was founded by Dr. Haynes in 2008, as an agency, provides quality evidence based treatment to help families heal and to solve the challenges of life. Dr. Haynes is available for speaking engagements, parenting workshops, school trainings, and individual counseling services. Dr. Haynes received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Liberty University, her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University and her Doctorate Degree in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University. Dr. Haynes has been featured in newspapers, radio and television for her expertise in parenting and child related concerns. As an adjunct faculty and Continuing Education Instructor, Dr. Haynes provides education and instruction for the next generation of counselors and therapists. Dr. Haynes is a certified provider of the CPS model by Dr. Ross Greene in outpatient settings. Dr. Haynes maintains a weekly schedule of working with families in outpatient settings to continue her mission of helping parents and children heal relationships and restore peace in their homes.

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